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General conversations and topics of the Think-Tank have been posted below, there are however a number of sub heading sections which specifically cover certain aspects or elements of social media in today's world.

Free Online Tools & Services

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SASM (sweet as social media)

posted 14 Dec 2010, 12:43 by Jess Maher

What is SASM??


SASM stands for "Sweet As Social Media" . We aim to build the collective awareness and knowledge of individuals, businesses and the general community of the potential use, application, impact & responsibility with social media. Since the launch of igovt, all New Zealanders will be required to register a government profile account in order to interact with government agencies & public sector agencies at an increasing rate (to see more about igovt click here). 


What does "Sweet As Social Media" mean??


Social Networking Sites are becoming increasing embedded and integrated in daily life and the mainstream. As they do, we continue to see more discussion and application of them in the business world. There is still no consensus on the best approaches and applications of such media and the emphasis of most still focuses primarily on the marketing, brand and customer relations uses in business. There are some key leaders and examples of exceptionally innovative and creative applications of social media, particularly here in New Zealand. 

SASM is a place where those interested, involved or following the increasing discussion, use and application of social networking sites and social media can discuss, share and inform the rest of the community. And while these technologies continue to change us and we continue to change them, their use, applications and integration will also change. There are always examples of those leading change & innovation at the cutting edge, and as such we hope to capture, retain and build on this valuable knowledge.  


Who is behind SASM and this wiki?? 


Why "sweet as"?


In NZ, we use the term 'sweet as' to show our agreement and acceptance of ideas. We want to showcase some of those examples. 

NZ Govt Online

posted 14 Dec 2010, 08:57 by Jess Maher

The NZ Government have made a conserted effort to lead by example with social medias. They have established a site, New Zealand Government Web Standards ( which they share and guide public servants through. 

The latest one of interest I have found here is the Social Media Moinitoring directions they have uploaded - 

Issues with Social Media

posted 16 Oct 2010, 23:10 by Jess Maher   [ updated 6 Feb 2011, 06:04 ]

No one can avoid social media in today's world, the evidence of it in the mainstream is overwhelming. You just need to search for Social Media on the NZ Herald to get an idea of its wide ranging impacts..

Casinader, a writer in the lifestyle section and non participant in the social networking realm acknowledges, "as the online community grows, it's becoming even tougher to stay away". 

The reality is, your personal and brand reputation and image are no longer within your control..;Even if you choose not to participate, everyone should be aware of the potentials impacts. From this same article, Casinader demonstrates this while talking to another non Facebook user:

"Although 30-year-old Joanna Alpe has never had a Facebook profile, she knows she has been mentioned on the site, and there are "heaps of photos" of her on her friends' pages. It's harmless stuff, but Alpe is uneasy that there's a virtual documentary of her life online, in a space she has no control over. "

(Casinader, (2010, Aug 12), Life Unplugged, NZ Herald);;;;objectid=10665586


posted 16 Oct 2010, 21:37 by Jess Maher

Government Funding

Creative NZ   - 
Creative New Zealand is the national arts development agency. We aim to be a catalyst in the development of a flourishing 
arts environment in New Zealand by investing in artists and arts organisations through a number of programmes.

Digital Strategy Funding Options

Digital Strategy 2.0 - Contents Page

Digital Content Strategy - New Initiative Register 
(breaks down the different departments responsible for various funding and project initiatives)

TechNZ Funding - Funding Process

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